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Woman of the World: Mor Karbasi & Eve Pollard Live on Stage

Woman of the World: Mor Karbasi & Eve Pollard Live on Stage

Last night… I headed over to the East End of London for a visit to Rich Mix, the culture centre to enjoy a talk from Eve Pollard – she knows all about storytelling and some live music from Mor Karbasi. An evening of live entertainment sure beats sitting in front of the box watching bull shit or staring lovingly at a computer screen all night!

I arrived at Rich Mix bang on time… it was a pity that bang on time was the wrong time, I confused myself and arrived late. The result of which I had missed most of Eve’s talk… which was pity because I had been looking forward to listening to her. A lady who rose from junior reporter to editor of both the Sunday Mirror and Sunday Express – only the second woman ever to edit a national newspaper in the UK.

If only I had known that Eve was going to be doing a Q&A at the end or I would have stayed up all night until I thought of a question or  two  worthy of her time. An Australian girl asks how to get into journalism and how to get a man…WTF! If you have to ask… I don’t think you have got a hope of either! Not Eve’s answer by mine…

Mor Karbasi, I had never heard of her until last night, sometimes it’s good to take a step into the unknown and see what transpires. What did transpire was an evening of beautiful music, beautiful songs sung by a beautiful lady, who was backed by a talented band.

I couldn’t understand a word that was being sung last night, but I didn’t have to in order to appreciate the beauty, emotions and power of the music. Go check her out on Youtube or even better watch her live.

Mor Karbasi was born in Jerusalem and now lives in Seville, a city that she referred to last night as if her soul had returned home. The type of music she plays is mainly Sephardic repertoire, which includes traditional Jewish songs, to her own contemporary compositions. The traditional songs date back many centuries and originated in Spain, before travelling with the Jews all around the world after they were forced to leave during the Spanish Inquisition.

Rich Mix really is wonderful place to watch a live show. My tip… arrive early, get yourself a drink of some sorts, grab a seat on a comfy sofa with a good view and enjoy the show…

Eve Pollard and Mor Karbasi were appearing last night as part of the Woman of the World festival which is currently running at Rich Mix for more info… WOW!


  1. Sorry you missed her talk, but it appears that you always make the best of any situation. I like that about you.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, I try my best…

  3. If the lady sings half as well as she looks, she will be woth listening too.

  4. Brian, she does and she is!


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