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Who Was The Mysterious London Woman

Who Was The Mysterious  London Woman

I have wandered along the pathways of the dead around Paddington Old Cemetery on hundreds of occasions. I find it a great place to get away from the noise…hustle and bustle of big city life. At least 3 or 4 times a week I will be strolling along the paths, or sitting on one of the park benches, relaxing or deep in thought contemplating life.

A few days ago, a mysterious looking woman caught my attention, as I wandered along the crumbling old paths of the graveyard. I was in fact captivated by her eyes that looked straight into mine and then proceeded to hook me in like George Bush did with his fellow war criminal buddy Tony Blair. I couldn’t resist her…the temptation was too much. All I had done was kneel down to tie my shoe lace.

My African Princess need not worry, for the woman that intrigued me died on the 10 August 1937. It was only a picture of the woman on her gravestone that had caught my eye. I have walked along the pathway where she is laid to rest, perhaps a 1000 times and this was the first time I had noticed her little black and white picture.

Her gravestone, just like so many of the others in Paddington Old Cemetery hasn’t had anyone taking care of it for many a year and as a result it is starting to slant forward, which has had the result of making her picture difficult to see. I guess Rhoda L Biggs, born in 1889 wanted me to say hello and that’s why she caught my eye…

Hello Rhoda L Biggs. I wonder if you are but just a distant memory that has been long forgotten by anyone? I guess 73 years is a long time and if I’m honest I don’t know or think about anyone in my own family line who has been dead and buried that long. Life is after all for the living, but maybe, just maybe it isn’t such a bad thing to know a little bit about our own family history.

Rhoda L Biggs who died on the 10th August 1937, you are not totally forgotten whoever you may have been…’Where The Roses Grow’.


  1. Maybe you should do some investigating into her story.

  2. I read your ‘Mysterious Woman’ piece while Googling for info on Paddington Old Cemetery, where my Great Grandmother is buried (somewhere). The challenge was too great….

    Rhoda Louise Milne, born 14 Sep 1889 to
    parents Henry & Louise living at 4 Hall Place, Paddington. The family later lived in Senior Street.

    Rhoda married Frederick Leopold Biggs on 8 Sep 1912 at St.Matthews Church, Willesden.

    Her death was actually registered in the Cranbrook district of Kent.

    All information courtesy of my sub. at ancestry.com