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What To Do On A Very Wet Evening In London

What To Do On A Very Wet Evening In London

Last night I felt in need of a couple of pints of quality ale. My plan was to pop along the road to a local Kilburn boozer, located around 8 minutes walk from my front door. The perfect way to end the weekend and prepare me for the rigours of whatever lies ahead in the week to come…

Two pints, or perhaps three if there was an ale on tap that I couldn’t resist. I drink to chill out and relax, not to get obliterated and then wake up with a hangover from hell… I will leave that carry on for the drunks and youngsters!

Once again the my simple plan went horrible wrong. I Opened the front door and it was absolutely lashing down with rain, not just a wee shower, but horrendous soak you to the skin type of rain. I lasted less than one minute in the rain, before I about turned and went home. I wasn’t that desperate for beer…

What to do on a very wet evening in London town… stay in, put your feet up, read a book, watch television, play a board game, twitter and Facebook until you cant take it any more… do anything apart from walk around in the lashing rain. Maybe you could even talk… talk to a real person… not someone online, not your cyber girlfriend or boyfriend, or your online friends that you have never met in real life, but a real life person, such as your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or why not try something truly ground breaking go talk to a neighbour ( only if you live in a block of flats for obvious reasons!

The pub would still be there tomorrow, or the next day, those pints of ale will be more enjoyable when I’m not soaked to the skin… hell yeah!