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What Do You Call Somebody From London

What Do You Call Somebody From London

I was sitting on the tube yesterday afternoon, when two of those very loud American girls in there early 20’s, (you know the ones, you can hear them two miles away) came on and sat next to me. They were having a discussion about what do you call people from London?

When Loud girl No 1 said to her friend, “are you stupid, everyone knows that people from London are called Cockneys”. Loud girl 2 very wisely says, “but not everyone talks funny like them”.

For some reason they decided to ask me, a Scottish loon, if I knew what the answer was.

I politely explained to  them, that people born in London are called Londoners; it is as simple as that. Loud girl No 1 asked, “what are Cockneys”, I explained to her that tradionally people that were born within sound of Bow Bells, which was the church bells of a Church somewhere in the East End of London, were called Cockneys. The Church is actually called  St. Mary-le-Bow and is located in the Cheapside area of London.


I did my bit for the girls from New York and now they can go around calling people from London, by there correct title, Londoners and if they come across any locals that talk funny,  they will know they are Cockneys!

Because I wanted to do my bit for tourism and cultural relations between London and New York, I thought I better give them a few pointers as to how to swear like a Londoner, for some reason you wont find these in the tourist brochures!  I gave them 3 of the most commonly used phrases, which  they will hear on a daily basis in London. I told them, basically if someone annoys or upsets them, to use any of these or all 3 of them, if they are really annoyed! Wanker, Cunt or Twat. Now they can go and truly enjoy there holiday in London!


  1. I hope I can meet you if I have chance to visit London.

    The two girls are so lucky! 🙂

  2. Hey! 🙂 Popping through via EC! Thanks for advertising on my blog btw.

    Anyways, I’ll definitely keep those 3 words in mind if I ever make way to London. I may never have stepped foot there but even I know that not all people from London are called Cockneys. LOL! I wonder who are actually those “everyone” she’s talking about. hahaha..