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What’s That Jamaican Booty Doing On The London Cannon?

What’s That Jamaican Booty Doing On The London Cannon?

One of my favourite aspects of living in London is the amazing sense of history that you get every time go out. When I’m in central London I find it quite simply inspirational to wander around some of the amazing old buildings that make you think you have stepped back hundreds of years in time. To a certain extent you have stepped back in time, because many of London’s iconic buildings have changed very little as far as their exteriors are concerned.

Just the other day I was out and about at the historic Horse Guards Building , which was originally built to house the Sovereigns Life Guards. This beautiful looking building was completed in 1759 and it is still to this day the exclusive entrance to St James’s and Buckingham Palaces.

I was at horse guards to witness an ancient ceremony, which you will be glad to know happens on a daily basis. The colourful ceremonial of mounted Guard Changing by the Queen’s Life Guard takes place on the Parade Ground at Horse Guards daily at 11am, (10am Sundays). It is extended to include trumpeters when The Queen is in residence at Buckingham Palace.


The Guardsman sure are a colourful sight dressed up in their thigh boots, red or dark blue  tunics, plumed helms, shining cuirasses and shiny steel swords. The soldiers are more than happy to pose for photographs, but I’m not too sure about the horses, ether way don’t expect either of them to smile!


The wee boy in me always gets a buzz whenever I see those old cannons, and in the Horse Guards Parade area, there is an Turkish cannon made in 1524 “by Murad son of Abdullah, chief gunner” which was captured in Egypt in 1801. You can just imagine the countless deaths and misery that this man made monster of destruction caused during its active life.


I was busy admiring the cannon and before I knew it my Jamaican friend was sitting on top of the cannon posing for some photographs. I must admit that the cannon was suddenly looking a little bit more intresting as I viewd it from another persepctive!

Horse Guards is a cool place to go and enjoy the specatle of the changing of the guard, I however can’t guantee the Turkish cannon will be looking quite so intresting!

However if you wait until the 2012 London Olympic Games when the beach volleyball tournament will be held in the Horse Guards Parade, things will get even more intresting than a Jamacian Booty on top of an old Cannon. Hopefully Jamaica will be have a female team in the event, that would be worth watching and I mean from a purely sporting persepective, HONEST!