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Wembley Tour: 33 Years Later

Wembley Tour: 33 Years Later

It was over 33 years ago when I first enjoyed a tour of the “old” Wembley Stadium. I remember holding up the FA Cup thinking one day I will score the winning goal in the cup final… it of course never happened for real! A few weeks ago, I finally made it back to a vastly different Wembley Stadium for another tour.

Thanks to a special 90th anniversary deal for Brent residents I managed to grab myself a couple of tickets to visit what is quite probably the most famous Football Stadium in the world for a measly £1.50 a ticket! I was looking forward to once again holding up the FA cup and this time there would be no dream that it would ever happen for real… I’m of course too old now! Unfortunately my stadium tour ticket never included the walking up those steps to hold a replica of the famous cup or a tour of the museum. I shouldn’t have expected the world for £1.50 a pop!

Never the less I enjoyed the 60 minute tour around the legendary stadium. The highlight of the tour was walking up the players tunnel… only to have a big burly security guard blocking me from running onto the pitch. Fact of the tour – I personally found this mind boggling – was that there are seemingly 2,618 toilets in Wembley Stadium, which is more than any other stadium in the world.

When I went to the England against Republic of Ireland game last week, there was still a big queue to use the loo at half time!

Wembley Tour: 33 Years Later











Hopefully in 33 years time I will able to do another tour of Wembley Stadium and still be fit enough to not only walk up the steps to pick up the FA Cup, but have enough strength to lift it…