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Watery London Grave: Picture of the Day

Watery London Grave: Picture of the Day

This weeks… Picture of the Week was captured at the place where I go when I need to do some serious thinking, a not so spooky graveyard known as Paddington Old Cemetery. The only thing I find spooky about this beautiful patch of ground in Kilburn is a very strange looking and acting old geezer who walks his dog there… I will say no more!

It was a nice morning, the sky was blue in places and the sun was actually shining when I captured the picture I have titled ‘Watery London Grave’ some of the paths however you would have needed waders to walk along them, an indication of the amount of rain we have had recently in London.

In six months time those tax dodging water companies will be telling us there is a ‘another water’ shortage… if only the greedy parasite like directors would stop paying themselves huge bonuses and invest more money in their infrastructure instead.

Watery London Grave: Picture of the Week