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Watching London Life Unfold

Watching London Life Unfold

A fantastic place to watch London life unfold is upon one of the many bridges in Central London… my favourites are Westminster Bridge, London Bridge and where today’s featured picture was captured Waterloo Bridge. I would much rather look at Tower Bridge from a distance than stand on it: it gets too busy with hordes of tourists!

Grab a pew… or I should say, a spot on the bridge with a view and survey your surroundings: people rushing past on there way to work, going home, to the gym, to meet a secret lover. Boats motoring along the River Thames. Helicopters buzzing around in the sky. Cyclists whizzing past on Boris Bikes. Buses full of tourists. Cars, vans and lorries going to some place.

Sometimes I will stand on the bridge with nothing but my own thoughts, oblivious to anything that is going on around me. Thinking about life, where I have been and what lies ahead in the future. Never quite content with the now! Watching London Life Unfold…