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Viva Mexico – Picture of the Week

Viva Mexico – Picture of the Week

Earlier on today I headed to Green Park in Central London to catch some of the Olympic games action from the men’s 50km walk. The gold medal was won by Russia’s Sergey Kirdyapkin who also set a new Olympic record. Today was also the final of the men’s football, which featured Brazil and Mexico, which I unfortunately never had a ticket for!

As much as I enjoyed the action… and the vibe in Green Park there was no way I was watching men walking like speeding ducks for hours… the winning time was three hours 35 minutes 59 seconds! It was also slightly off putting watching the athletes walking faster than I jog… WTF!

Eventually I found myself at Trafalgar Square surrounded by friendly Mexicans getting geared up for their teams match at Wembley. Trafalgar Square was absolutely buzzing with excitement when the traditional Mexican musicians and dancers started performing…

I’m glad to say –  it is always good to see the underdog win -that Mexico beat Brazil 2-1. Well done Mexico…

Viva Mexico – Picture of the Week

More to come from today’s Olympic adventure around Central London tomorrow… probably!


  1. I live in Mexico here in California. We have open borders in this state.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, I bet you can get some amazing Mexican food…