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Upper and Lower Grosvenor Gardens

Upper and Lower Grosvenor Gardens

Situated only a stones throw from Victoria rail and bus stations sits a pair of small but pretty gardens Upper and Lower Grosvenor Gardens. I doubt if very many of the hundreds of thousands of people who rush past every day ever step inside for few moments to escape the non stop hustle and bustle of London life.

The pair of triangular shaped gardens are named after the Grosvenor family who owned huge amounts of land and property in Central London – since 1677! I’m sure they worked really hard to squire their land and wealth!

The Gardens which date back to 1864 were designed to compliment Thomas Cundy’s French Renaissance style houses which overlook the gardens. Lower Grosvenor Garden which is the prettier and busier of the two gardens features an equestrian statue of Marshall Foch of c.1930 that stands at the entrance. Lots of green lawns, colourful plants and mature trees make for a pleasant place to enjoy a seat with a book, cup of tea, some music or just your own thoughts…

Upper Grosvenor Gardens were only opened to the public in 1980, prior to that they were for the use of nearby residents only. The highlight of the garden, in fact both gardens is the magnificent  life-sized sculpture of a Lioness chasing a Lesser Kudu by Jonathan Kenworthy. You wont find any bedded areas full of colourful flowers, but the gardens is surrounded by an array of plants and  flowers, and is calmer space in which to relax – I personally preferred this part.

Upper and Lower Grosvenor Gardens are relaxing pair of small gardens right in the heat of Victoria which are perfect for escaping teh non stop rush of people and vehicles that fill the nearby pavements and roads…


  1. Just lovely and a place I would want to visit. All our parks are taken over by the homeless. I so remember taking my son to all the great parks we used to have.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, thankfully the parks in London haven’t been taking over by the homeless… not yet anyway. That may well be the future!