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Train Spotting In Kilburn WTF! – Picture of the Day

Train Spotting In Kilburn WTF! – Picture of the Day

Picture of the Day from London Town was captured at Brondesbury overground station on Kilburn High Road and features what is quite probably the longest freight train I have seen in my life … wooha! What thrill, what a buzz I enjoyed as the long…long…long train whizzed past me…perhaps not!

Fear not people I haven’t become a train spotter, which must be one of the most boring past times in the world…what sort of enjoyment anyone gets from watching trains is beyond me! Maybe train spotters need to find themselves a girlfriend, boyfriend or a man who thinks he is a girl or a woman who thinks they are a man or something…

I may not be a train spotter or some sort of sick pervert who gets a thrill every time a train passes them by, but never the less, I received some sort of enjoyment from capturing today’s featured picture. What I like about this picture is the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere … miles from anywhere, yet the hustle, bustle, and constant throng of people and vehicles of Kilburn High Road is less than 2 minutes walk away from the station platform…

Train Spotting In Kilburn WTF! – Picture of the Day


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  1. I find trains a pain in my backside. I’m always waiting for a train to pass so I can get where I’m going. Too many trains here. Most of the time I think they block the traffic on purpose. I know they do all kinds of great work getting things from point A to point B.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂