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Tour Guide: Londoner Picture Series

Tour Guide: Londoner Picture Series

The latest edition to the legendary 101 Londoner Picture Series features a tour guide doing his thing; telling the excited tourists about the various landmarks that they are flying past, and I really do mean flying past, as they blast along the River Thames. I personally prefer to explore London at a much more leisurely pace… but hey that is me.

A high speed River Thames boat trip may not be my kinda thing, however the tourists seem to love the thrill of it all. Maybe one of these days I will take another slow cruise along the London’s famous river. It is good to experience London from a different perspective.

You will find all kinds of tours guides in old London Town including walking tours, boat tours, bus tours, cycling tours and much more. A good way to earn a living, or perhaps it gets a wee bit boring going over the same old ground time after time… just like so many other jobs!

Tour Guide: 101 Londoner Picture Series