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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – Westminster Abbey

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – Westminster Abbey

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier can be found at Westminster Abbey in London. The famous tomb contains the remains of an unidentified British soldier killed during the first World War. A reminder of the ultimate sacrifice made by many!

Throughout history men and guess some woman as well have died fighting in wars with their remains never identified. The idea for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier war first conceived by David Railton an army Chaplin who served on the Western Front during World War I. After the war was over Railton mentioned the idea to the Dean of Westminster, who thought it was a great idea and shortly afterwards, he got the backing of the Prime Minster, the King and Military Chiefs who ensured it become a reality.

A lot of effort and diligence went into ensuring the soldier chosen to be laid to rest in Westminster Abbey was in fact British and totally unknown. One body was exhumed from  each of the battlefields at Aisne, Arras, Cambrai, Somme, the Marine and Ypres. The bodies were then placed in an army hut at St Pol, where Brigadier-General Wyatt, then entered the hut blindfolded and touched one of the coffins, which would become the Unknown Soldier.

On the 11 of November 1920, which was the second anniversary of the armistice, the unknown warrior was laid to rest. On the same day in France La tombe du soldat inconnu was placed in the Arc de Triomphe. A reminder of the futility of war. You would have thought that mankind would have learned something from history…

The Unknown Soldier was the last person to be buried at Westminster Abbey, but he sure wasn’t the last unknown warrior to be sacrificed because of man’s never ending desire to create havoc! The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier can be found through the west door and is marked by a black marble slab  surrounded by red poppies…


  1. Thank you for the wonderful history lesson. I didn’t know all these facts. The ultimate price indeed.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. I think you have a few Unknown Soldier tombs in the USA, commemorating different wars. I’m constantly learning new things about my temporary home of London…

  3. Such a sad story that a lot of these brave guys were just buried without anyone knowing who they were, unfortunately it doesn’t seem any lessons are learned from war.

  4. True heros, that were fighting for a real cause. Not like today!!!