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Tip’s of the Day from Old London Town: Keep Your Wits About you!

Tip’s of the Day from Old London Town: Keep Your Wits About you!

Tip’s of the day from Old London Town: be very careful and I really do mean be very careful when using bank machines.

A couple of months ago I fell victim to the criminal parasites who had placed a skimming device over a bank machine that I used. The result my bank card was stuck in the machine, I couldn’t get the skimming device off and even though I had carefully shielded the key pad when I was typing in my pin number, the crooks were still able to use my card to withdraw £250 from the bank machine as well as spending 30 something quid in Tesco!

It only took me 20 minutes to cancel the card from the moment it went into the bank machine!

Fast forward 3 months and the same thing happened to a guy in the football training session I attend. Thankfully my friend had taken my advice and had the emergency contact number for his bank stored in his mobile phone, which meant he was able to cancel his bank card immediately. That my friends is a result…

Yesterday morning there I was at the very same Natest bank machine on Kilburn High at which my card was skimmed! Just as I was about to take the cash out of the slot, someone banged into me. I ignored them, the only thing I was focused on was my hard earned money! Two seconds after the nudge, someone else asks me, is it Wednesday today. I ignored them, he asks again in a louder voice. I put my money into my wallet and stared straight into his beady, bloodshot eyeballs and told him it was Friday and off I walked. The crooks were obviously trying to attempt some kind of distraction technique to snatch my money.

There are crooks, scumbags, lowlifes and criminals around every street corner in London who will try their very best to steal your money!

My Tip’s of the day:

  • 1. Store the emergency contact phone number for every single bank card and credit card you own in your mobile phone.
  • 2. When using a bank machine stay 100% focused on what your doing. Do not let anyone or anything distract you from putting the money into your wallet or purse.

Keep your wits about when using banks machines