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The Wandering Scotsman Goes to Edinburgh

The Wandering Scotsman Goes to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of those cities that I never tire of visiting: I have been there countless times. It was the African Princesses first visit. No doubt we will both be back again at some point in the not too distant future… who needs to go abroad, when there is so much to enjoy and experience, so close to home!

Two nights in Edinburgh is enough time to soak up a wee bit of what one of the worlds truly great cities has to offer. History in abundance, great views, amazing vibe, some of the best beers in the world, brilliant pubs that don’t have Dick Turpin serving behind the bar and lot’s more…

During my visit I didn’t want to live  like a local… I wanted to do touristy stuff, I wanted to  have a long lie in, I wanted to eat out and drink beer every night, I didn’t want to work. Visiting Edinburgh Castle, walking up Carlton Hill, going for a stroll along the Royal Mile, all had to be done and I enjoyed every second…

I laugh at  those bloggers who think they are ever so cool and  trendy, who are always harping on about living like a local when they are on holiday… well next time your in London, you can come do my job, get up at 6.30am,  travel on a packed bus and tube and have a about 3 hours of spare time a day to enjoy life… (I have met a few of those bloggers and they are the greyest, dullest people you could every wish to meet!)

Edinburgh In Pictures

At Aberdeen train station, it isn’t mind the gap, but “Mind the Step”.


Back in the day when I use to live in my beautiful home city of Aberdeen, when I visited Edinburgh I would drive, on this occasion, for a nice change we took the train: a very enjoyable and scenic train journey it was.


Princess Street Gardens, the perfect place to enjoy lunch… who  cares if  it’s a wee bit cold.


I love exploring Edinburgh’s Old Town…


It maybe isn’t cheap to visit Edinburgh Castle, but it is a must do and  worth every penny.



A selfie from Edinburgh Castle…


Watching the One o Clock go off… I’m such a tourist… So what!


The views from the castle are stunning… Carlton Hill we would visit the next day!


There’s me having fun being a tourist!


A wee snack before we took, the wee walk up Carlton Hill… being a tourist AGAIN! Such fun!


Carlton Hill, Scotland’s national memorial to the Scottish soldiers and sailors who died fighting in the Napoleonic Wars is worth a visit.





A wee snack… for the hell of it! A Scottie Dog… I’m such a tourist. The Standing Order (one of my favorite Whetherspoons) was packed full of locals and tourists… would you believe it, they both go to the same places!


A pint of fine Scottish porter, in a fantastic Edinburgh boozer… who would believe it, tourists and locals drinking in the same pub!


Edinburgh’s other wee hill… that would have to wait until our next visit. I know it’s worth the effort…


The great thing about staying in a hotel located only 5 minutes walk from Princess Street was that we could walk everywhere… no need to waste time on public transport or driving around in a car. Paying that little bit extra is definitely worth it…

Being a tourist is such fun…