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The Wandering Scotsman Does Camden Lock To little Venice

The Wandering Scotsman Does Camden Lock To little Venice

The Wandering Scotsman does Camden Lock to little Venice … AGAIN! This is a stretch of the Regent’s Canal that I never tire of walking … it is a beautifully relaxing place to go for a wee stroll.

On Tuesday afternoon I was over in Camden checking out the Amy Winehouse stencil that appeared on a wall at Camden Lock … the graffiti piece was a nice tribute to her … a Banksy it wasn’t! Amy was of course a Camden resident who absolutely loved the area. She was a big part of Camden … Camden was a big part of her.

It was another warm afternoon in London Town … a perfect afternoon to head home via the canal. I escaped the hustle, bustle and all the people milling around at Camden Lock as quickly as I could. The market is such a tacky place. Over priced, crap posters, crap t-shirts, crap tourist tack! The food stalls on the other hand are fairly good. What I have personally sampled over the years I haven’t got any complaints.

The Regent’s Canal stretches for eight and half miles from Little Venice through Camden, past Islington, Hackney, Tower Hamlets all the way to Limehouse basin in the East of London, where it then enters the River Thames. The part I walked from Camden Lock to Little Venice is around two miles, and in my humble opinion it is the most scenic, beautiful and relaxing part of the whole route.

The Regent’s Canal was built in early part of the 19th century to link the River Thames at Limehouse Basin to the Grand Union Canal junction at Paddington. Cargo would arrive at the docks at Limehouse and then be transported along the canal system via barges.

John Nash the famous architect was one of the directors of the canal company. He of course was commissioned by the then Prince Regent, who later become George VI to design Regent’s Park.

When I walk along the canal I take my time to enjoy the wonderful views, scenery and smells which are everywhere. I will go sit on a seat every now and again, come of the tow path and stand on one of the many bridges that cross the water … the green algae covered water!

I will take time to stop and look at the flowers, watch the barges slowly motoring along on the water, and marvel at the graffiti which is mostly a waste of spray paint … there is no rush. Time really does seem to slow down when I’m along the Regent’s Canal soaking up the vibe.

Beside London Zoo, there are two bridges. The first one I passed by is the infamous Macclesfield Bridge, or ‘Blow Up Bridge’ if you prefer. In 1874 a barge transporting gun powder blew up and destroyed the bridge. The second bridge has a hidden aqueduct which carries the long forgotten Tyburn River.

When I walk past the multi million pound, beautiful white villas that were built from the original plans of John Nash, during the late 1980’s and the early part of the 90’s, I’m not ashamed to say how I wish I lived in one of those houses! Nash drew inspiration from the ancient Greece, Rome the Renaissance period. Truly beautiful buildings.

Journeys end at Little Venice always arrives too soon for my liking. But I wont complain, it is a great wee walk … a great escape from the hustle, bustle and noise of London. Camden Lock to Little Venice never lets me down…


  1. It’s good that you little places like this where you can go and escape the trappings of city life, thanks for sharing them.

  2. Ryan, as much as I love big city life and all that goes with it, I need to escape from time to time. Recharge my body, mind and soul!

  3. I love the food stalls at Camden, and your right about most of the market stalls they are full of tourist tat!

  4. Great series of images. You have a good eye.

  5. Sam, there sure are quite a few good food stalls. Most of the t-shirts and the rest of the tourist crap you can buy it for half the price!

  6. Kev, thanks … sometimes I manage to grab a few half decent shots…

  7. William Wallace I find it hard to believe you aren’t a pro blogger. Brill post & fab photos.

  8. Bev, my day will surly come. If I accepted all the advertising opportunities that came my way I guess I could be a semi pro blogger. However I will wait until I get ‘London Is Cool’ at place where I’m happy with it, and improve my blogging persona, or I should say be more happy with it!