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The Wandering Scotsman Attends His First Match At Wembley

The Wandering Scotsman Attends His First Match At Wembley

Last night I attended my first ever football match at Wembley Stadium.

The last time I watched a live football match was probably over 25 years ago. After enduring last nights rather unexciting and dull friendly between England and the Republic of Ireland, which ended in a 1-1 draw, I was reminded why I don’t waste my hard earned money going to watch over paid men kick a ball around a big green field! BORING…

The highlight of the game for me was the Irish dancers who performed for a few minutes at half time… if only the highly paid stars put as much effort into the game as they did!

Last night’s match featured a bunch of footballers who all looked like they would rather be some place else… like in some fancy night club in London, Dubai or Las Vegas! At least there were two goals, and I did get a great view of the Irish goal. I was only 7 rows from the front of the pitch.

Last nights match was my first football match at Wembley and it could well have been my last…