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The Ugliest Van In The World Discovered In London

The Ugliest Van In The World Discovered In London

The ugliest van in the world was discovered in London, by yours truly…me William K Wallace on Saturday afternoon when I was wandering along down by the River Thames in the Pimlico area. I couldn’t believe my eyes…three words summed up what I saw…ugly, disgusting and hideous.

My eyes were nearly blinded by the unbelievable naff lime green colour of the van. I can only imagine that the person that had it sprayed that shade of green was colour blind. That is the only logical reason I can think of. And if the colour wasn’t bad enough it was a 1989 Leyland DAF Sherpa van, and believe me those things must be one of the worst vehicles ever built. Way back in the early 1990’s I had the misfortune of having a job that required me to drive one of those things, that is when it wasn’t off the road broken down. My right knee hurts along with my left shoulder every time I think about that van!

The ugliest van in the world was parked outside Villa Elephant On The River and it was sticking out like a sore thumb. I don’t know if it had been dumped there or whether the owner was in the process of trying to loot the long shut down restaurant/nightclub it was parked outside. Strangers things have happened, this is London after all.

For you movie buffs out there and no the ugly lime green van I discovered wasn’t in a movie, well not that I’m aware of. However Villa Elephant On The River was actually used as the interior for Harald Shands club in The Long Good Friday, the gangster movie starring Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren. Maybe Harold Shand never got done in by the IRA and he is back in business…