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The Royal Wedding Guest List And Prince William’s Ex Girlfriends

The Royal Wedding Guest List  And Prince William’s Ex Girlfriends

As I’m sure the world is painfully aware there is a Royal Wedding happening in London on Friday 29 of April. The former playboy Prince William has finally found the woman of his dreams the commoner Kate Middleton. I say commoner with a pinch of salt as her parents are multi millionaires…need I say more…

I have to be 100% honest and admit I haven’t paid any attention to the Royal Wedding hype that the British press have been hounding us with. The truth be told I haven’t even read one single article relating to the biggest event of the year, apart from when I did some research as to who has been invited to the wedding. They should make it an Olympic sport!

Needless to say, me yours truly the host of London Is Cool never received an invitation to the wedding or the evening reception…WTF. At least 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce. Will Prince William and Commoner Kate buck the trend and have a marriage made in heaven. Here’s hoping, but I wouldn’t bet the crown jewels on them succeeding…

The wedding list…I remember my own one all to well, what a nightmare. One thing that wasn’t going to happen was me inviting all my ex-girlfriends. They were all history, done and dusted and the same with my wife to be and her ex-boyfriends. I wouldn’t have any of that. Call me old fashioned, call me anything you want…but in my eyes inviting ex partners to your wedding is all wrong. One minute your sleeping with them and then they  are in the aisle  watching you getting married…give me a break…

It seems that Prince William has supposedly invited at least four former girlfriends to his wedding, is he insane or what? Just as well he never invited them all, or there wouldn’t have been enough room for any other guests. Those lucky or I should perhaps say unlucky four former intimate friends of the Prince who are seemingly definitely going are Rose Farguhar, Olivia Hunt, Arabella Musgrave, and Jecca Craig.

And just for good measure Kate has seemingly invited a couple of former boyfriends. I just don’t get it. Could they not find a few more dodgy dictators from the Middle East to invite or perhaps some more tax dodgers, or even a couple of celebrities. I guess not…

I know what I will be doing on the day of the Royal Wedding, and that is wandering around in Hampstead Heath miles away from the baying crowds…where will I hang out with my African Princes and Hamper full of goodies…unless it’s lashing down with rain and then I will have to find a plan b…


  1. Well I didn’t get invited either. Don’t want to go either. Your plans are much better too. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, I will have more fun than those packed in like sardines on the streets of London hoping for a wee glimpse. I have better things to do with my time.

  3. The best part of the wedding is the extra days holiday they have given us. Me? I’m leaving the shores and leaving the festivites to the tourists.

  4. Mo, smart move…I think the airports, trains and busses heading out of London will be crammed with people that don’t really care that much about the whole thing.

  5. Well the royal wedding was watched worldwide even I had to stop working for a bit just to witness. Regardless of who’s invited or not, its still a good thing that a commoner can be married to a royal.

  6. Kate is a rich commoner, I don’t think someone working in Asda would have stood much of a chance… if you get my drift!