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The Royal Parks Of London Such Good Places For The Peasants To Hang Out

The Royal Parks Of  London Such Good Places For The Peasants To Hang Out

The Royal Parks of London for those that don’t know are a group of parks in Greater London that were once upon a time owned by the Royal family of England. They were used for hunting, recreation and all kinds of things that a family friendly blog like this cant discuss, by the Royal family, their friends and visiting dignitaries.

There are eight Royal Parks in London, which cover approximately 5,500 acres and all are free for the use of commoners and peasants alike. In the days of old if the poor and starving were caught trying to catch their next meal on Royal lands, the punishment for poaching was severe. If they were caught and if the poacher was lucky, they would have been hanged, if they were unlucky they would have been blinded or castrated, Yikes!

As was common with the Royalty of England throughout history, most of the Royal Parks are Lands that the particular Monarch at the time liked the look off and just seized them from the owner. For example Henry VIII liked the look of Regents Park and as a result in 1538, he kindly told the Abbess of Barking that he know longer owned the lands, “tough luck son, I’m the King of England and I can do what the hell I want”


Fortunately times have changed and we can all get to enjoy the beauty and wide open spaces of the Royal Parks. They are great places to head to for some rest, relaxation, or even recreation and exercise for the more energetic.

If you fancy doing a bit of poaching and feel like taking home a deer, squirrel, rabbit, fish or wood pigeon for your supper the punishment isn’t quite so severe, if you are unlucky you will get two slaps on the wrist. However if you fancy cooking something to eat at the park and are caught using one of those disposable barbecues, you will probably face a month in the Tower of London. I thought London was meant to be a cool place but those Civil Servants and Bureaucrats haven’t got a clue. If they had any sense they would provide barbecue areas that we could use, if they are so worried that we might singe the Royal grass.

I haven’t personally visited all the parks yet, but it is something that I’m working on, at the present time my current favourite park is probably Kensington Gardens, which is 275 acres of wonderful formal gardens, ponds, paths and masses of greenness. It is wonderful area of relative calmness and it is like being a million miles away form the hustle, bustle and madness of normal London.

Sometimes when I’m feeling fit and in the mood of some exercise I will walk from Kensington to Westminster. I will start off in Kensington Gardens, then head through Hyde Park, and finish off in St James Park and the beauty of this walk, is that you will avoid stepping onto the craziness and busyness of the traffic of Central London.

A wee tip that I will offer up for those thinking about heading to one of London’s Royal Parks for a couple of drinks is take your booze and food with you in one of those cooler bags. I remember not so long ago when I went to Hyde Park to laze around in the sun and the nightmare I had of trying to find a nearby shop to get some lager. When I eventually did find a shop to buy some, they were having a laugh, as it wasn’t even chilled to perfection and it was twice the normal price.

London’s Royal Parks

  • Bushy Park
  • The Green Park
  • Greenwich Park
  • Hyde Park
  • Kensington Gardens
  • The Regent’s Park
  • Richmond Park
  • St. James’s Park


  1. My fav is Hyde Park I love lazzing around there on a summers evening after work

  2. Bushy Park and Richmond are so incredible. Living abroad I always go there when I’m in London. The only downside is the yearly deer cull, which in my opinion could be solved by using contraception methods. Anyway few tourists get to visit these jewels of a very green London..

  3. They are both gems of parks and I think tourists would love them if they made the effort to go there. But I guess tourists generally stick to the central London Royal parks.