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The Rolling Bridge of Paddington

The Rolling Bridge of Paddington

There is an iconic and world famous pedestrian bridge at Paddington Basin in London, called The Rolling Bridge. Maybe in hindsight it isn’t quite so famous or iconic, but never the less it is an interesting wee bridge. Believe it or not this little piece of engineering ingenuity, is a bridge that curls up to allow boats to pass through the gap. Truly fucking amazing.

It was just by chance that I discovered that this bridge existed, I haven’t actually seen it in action for myself, yet. Whilst doing some research as to where I was on Saturday evening, I came across an article all about The Rolling Bridge, which I found intriguing.

Walking past this little 12 meter long wooden bridge it doesn’t look that much different from any other bridge of its type. This amazing little bridge, which is seemingly the only one of its kind in the world was built in 2004, during the office and retail development of the basin. Hydraulic pistons, which are hidden away, are activated and allow the bridge to curl up to form an octagonal shape.

The Rolling Bridge curls up every Friday at Noon, which I will have to get myself along to watch, when I’m in the area. I suppose it is a good excuse to have a few lunch time brews at the Rob Roy pub in Paddington.


  1. Wooo. That is fascinating!! I have to see that myself one day too.

  2. And please don’t stand on the bridge when it is rolling up…