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The Reunion Champagne & Cocktail Bar @ The Grosvenor Hotel

The Reunion Champagne & Cocktail Bar @ The Grosvenor Hotel

I was invited to the Reunion Champagne & Cocktail Bar at the Grosvenor Hotel on Friday afternoon to check the place out! So off I went with the African Princess to sample a few cocktails and have wee peek around one of London’s famous grand old hotels… and believe me folks this is one hotel that is steeped in history.

The Grosvenor which sits adjacent to the Victoria railway station is the Capitals oldest railway station hotel – opened in 1862 – in fact there is still to this very day direct access between the hotel and station. Once upon a time the wealthy would depart straight from their first class carriages, walk a few feet along the platform and be in the hotel ready to sip some cocktails whilst the porter whisked their luggage to their room.

This grand Victorian hotel was the first hotel in London to have fully functioning lifts. Over the past 18 months the hotel has undergone a £20 million total refurbishment to bring it back to life – it had become a faded relic of its once grander days. And from a having a look around the hotel it is safe to say that it is fully back in business as a 4 star luxurious hotel.

Because of the hotels Grade II listed status much of the renovation work has been carefully overseen by English Heritage which has ensured the Victorian splendour of the past is very much still in evidence. The lobby area is quite simply stunning and has been voted in the top 5 of the best hotel lobby’s in the world.

The first words that came out of both our mouths, that is myself and the African Princess as we walked into the Reunion Champagne & Cocktail Bar was WOW! The Reunion Bar is a very stylish, swanky, cool and comfortable place for a drink or two… it really is an exceptional bar! As you would expect, but don’t always get in some of the more upmarket hotel bars they serve up high quality properly made cocktails which taste exceptional.

During our tour of the hotel we had a wee peek inside the ‘Courtesan’s Boudoir – The Cora Pearl Suite’ which was opened to coincide with the hotels 150 anniversary and marks a noted moment in the Grosvenor’s history when the famed Parisian courtesan Cora Pearl was turned away having booked a long stay. A night in this beautifully luxurious suite will cost you a jaw dropping £1862 per night and you get a lot of perks such as butler and much, much more!

There has been a lot of money spent, still is being spent on revamping both the interior and exterior of the Grosvenor Hotel and in my opinion they have created something quite special. I maybe can’t, no maybes about it… afford to stay in the Cora Pearl Suite, but at least I can afford a drink in the Reunion Bar. Thankfully not all the rooms cost £1862 per night, standard rooms are more realistically priced from a little over £100 per night.

The Reunion Champagne & Cocktail Bar is one of those bars that is  frequented by those in the know… and now you know!  If you like bars that have a luxurious stylish feel to them and offer fantastic cocktails you will like it. If your thing is more the sticky carpet, loud raucous kind of  places that serve cheap but not very good drinks it maybe wont  be your sort of bar!


  1. Very swish

  2. Wow is right. What an impressive hotel. I’m sure I’d not have enough money to stay, but perhaps enough to have a few glasses of champagne.

    Your lady is very lovely, but you already know that.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  3. Mo, it is indeed…

    Comedy Plus, yes I’m with you on that…

  4. How much were the cocktails?
    Recently had cocktails at the Ritz but at £20 each it’s not something I can afford often.

    the Grosvenor looks fantastic, I love a bit of glamour.

  5. LLM, I think they were around the £8 to £12 mark which is a fair enough and it is a very, very nice bar.

    I would be crying if I had a few cocktials at hte Ritz prices…