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The London Weather Is Mind Boggling

The London Weather Is Mind Boggling

The British love to talk about the weather, and there is a very good reason for that… the weather is unbelievably changeable. Not like in some countries that I have spent long periods of time, places where the weather never seems to change much! Such boring countries to live in, give me the four seasons and ever changing weather, over almost constant sunshine any day of the week!

This morning I was out and about at Paddington Old Cemetery grabbing some fresh air, along with some peace and quiet. I looked at the crocuses poking through the ground and thought finally spring isn’t far away. Fast forward 5 minutes and the snow was falling fairly heavily… Spring suddenly felt a long way off! I then walked along another leave filled path and I felt it was Autumn again!

The London weather is mind boggling, however my home city a place in the North East of Scotland located next to the North Sea makes everything in the capital of England seem rather tame…