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The London Plan… Went Wrong

The London Plan… Went Wrong

On Saturday afternoon, the Plan was to enjoy another one of those London adventures that are good for my soul. The day should have involved some delicious street food – a starter, main course and desert – a wee walk along the River Thames, a visit to an exhibition or two, followed by a few pints of cask ale in an old school unpretentious and non rip off pub ( I know there aint many left in London). The plan went all wrong thanks to the weather.

By the time I got myself ready to “rock ‘n’ roll” as in hit the pavement, the snow was falling; admittedly it wasn’t heavy, and a cold bitter wind was blowing. I hadn’t even got half way to the station, when I thought… FUCK IT! I haven’t got the willpower or desire to wander around in this shit for 6 or more hours! Normally the weather doesn’t bother me, but Winter has lasted too long and like most people I’m fed up with it. My adventure will still be there when the weather is kinder…

Instead of exploring London in all it’s glory I ended up grabbing some fresh air in the local graveyard, before I returned to the warmth of my flat. The wee yellow flowers springing up from the snow sprinkled grave told me it was spring… I wish the weather would start acting like it!