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The Importance Of Learning To Speak And Write English

The Importance Of Learning To Speak And Write English

The importance of learning to speak and write English, what ever do I mean? Well I’m not having a go at people that cant speak or read a word of English, I’m all for people speaking their own language. What I’m referring to is foreigners that come to the UK to live, to start a new life and cant even speak, understand or write one word of English.

WTF is the point in coming to the UK before they have bothered to learn to speak one word of English. The amount of times I have been stuck in the customer service queue in the bank, behind a Pole straight off the boat who is trying to open up a bank account. They have their Polish friend with them who can string together a few coherent sentences in English, who is acting as an interpreter.

I’m not just having a go at non speaking Poles, but anybody from a non speaking English country who comes to live and supposedly work in the UK.

WTF would anybody want to come to another country without learning the basics of that Language. How do they expect to get by, how do they expect to find work. I’m sure there are plenty of gangsters and unscrupulous employers out there that could use employees like that.

I know that people from poorer countries in the world, think that the streets are paved with gold in the UK. But how the fuck do these foreigners expect to find the streets that are made out of gold if they cant read the street signs, it beats me. Come on guys take a few lessons in English before you come here and life will be a heck of lot easier for you.

It really pisses me off, when I have to deal with someone working in a shop in London that can barely speak English. Give me a break, they have to understand me, not me understand them. I’m in a shop in a English speaking country. Or at least get them to learn the words please and thank you, that would be good start.

Maybe I need to learn to speak Polish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Russian, Arabic, Indian, African just to get by in London, give me a fucking break. It seems to me that some foreigners must miss home so much that they don’t want to integrate into UK society, if that’s the case what’s the point in them being here. THE POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW.

Don’t get me wrong, what I like about life in London is that is it such a cosmopolitan melting pot. It seems that there are more foreigners living in London than there are locals. But at the end of the day the language of London and the UK is the Queens English, not American English, not ghetto English, not Polish, not Arabic, but the Queens English.

The bottom line is if you are living here in the UK you need to learn English, WTF wouldn’t you? It is an English speaking country! If you cant speak English and you live here, you leave yourself wide open to getting ripped off by the many sharks out there, as well limiting your job prospects. My English isn’t perfect, whether its my grammar, spelling or pronunciation, but I have never been without a job or got ripped off because of it.

When I go to Paris, I go armed with a few basics of French and my phrase book and you know something even with my Scottish accent the Parisians love the fact I’m making an effort and treat me with respect and warmth. If I ever decided to live in a non speaking English country I would get off my lazy ass and go and learn the Language.

Before anybody has a go at me for being racist, you are barking down the wrong tree. As I have stated earlier in this article I love life in London, I love the fact it has such a huge mix of different cultures, religions and colours of skin. If you live in a country learn to speak, read and understand the basics of  the  language. If not, why not just stay at home.


  1. pretty well said….even here in the US…some immigrants don’t even know a single English word….I wonder how they get through the embassy….well, an interpreter might work…lol!

    I am glad our country (Philippines) practice english language…I will not be here in the US if I can’t communicate with my husband…lol!….
    I have a classmate from Mongolia, and she said that they don’t speak english over there but Russian….waaaaaa….that’s weird.

    Anyhow, thanks for coming by…..thanks for sharing this post.

  2. What is your opinion on the numerous British expats in Spain who refuse to learn Spanish? Instead, they send their children to English-speaking schools without any opportunity for these kids to learn the local language. What is your opinion on that?

  3. I think such people are a disgrace. They are typical ignorant Brits that can’t be arsed to integrate properly into there adopted country. I can see how some Spanish people have profound dislike of such people.