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The Fun of the Circus – Zippos Gold at Blackheath

The Fun of the Circus – Zippos Gold at Blackheath

On Bank Holiday Monday the sun was not shining… it was in fact a grey miserable day in London Town so where better to be than at  Zippos Circus at Blackheath and their 2012 show called gold. The Wandering Scotsman and the African Princess had been invited their as guests of Britain’s favourite circus…

As per usual the Jubilee Line was in chaos because of maintenance and severe delays YET AGAIN… and that buffoon Boris has the cheek to deliver his 9 Point Plan for a Greater London leaflet through my door, which tells me how lucky I am to have him as Mayor. They have spent hundreds of millions upgrading the tube and it is still a joke. Boris you should be a clown in the circus! Needless to say I never took the Jubilee Line and spent twice as much time and money getting to Blackheath than I needed too!

A trip to the circus is always a fun, entertaining and exhilarating experience… yes I said exhilarating! Read on…

The Big Top tent was packed out with families, couples and friends of all ages groups – the bad weather was perfect for business. And where better to be than at the circus…

This is the third year in a row that I have been to watch Zippos Circus at Blackheath and the show just seems to get better and better. These guys don’t rest on their laurels, that is for sure! This year I was even impressed by Norman Barrett the ring master extraordinaire and his budgie act, but that was more to do with his beautiful assistant who was a very talented lady!

I don’t think there was a performance that I wasn’t impressed with this year. At their previous shows I wasn’t too thrilled with the clowns, which are the heart and soul of any circus. The Delbosq Clowns from France were amazing – this duo were hugely entertaining and a real laugh a minute. Roman Stefanyuk’s trampoline performance was also a laugh a minute.

The highlights of the show for me were a hot girl juggling with her feet on a motor bike! The Cloudswing is a routine that always impresses me, that has something to do with me not having a head for heights! The traditional Goucho skills performance is always impressive and the Zulu Warriors were amazing… they even had a Hip Hop routine – I guess they are moving with the times!

The stars of the show were the Sensational Lucius Team and their Globe of Death routine. These guys were quite simple electrifying, death defying and totally amazing! Inside a steel globe that looks too small to have three motorbikes whirling around it at 70mph, there was even a showgirls in there with them at one  stage.

The Lucius Team put on a show that was real edge of the seats stuff. Just how do they do it … what these guys do should be impossible! An exhilarating performance…

In my humble wee opinion if you go to Zippos Circus and you don’t have a great time, I think you should visit your doctor asap and see about getting yourself booked into the hospital for a character transplant! A trip to the circus is fun packed adventure that I can totally recommend for all… the young, the old and everyone in-between!

Zippos Circus will be at Herne Hill from Thursday 12th until Tuesday 17th April. Go check them out and the price of the tickets is an absolute steal… they really do offer up exceptional value for money!


  1. It’s grey and cold here too. It’s supposed to rain for the next week. Where is spring? It sure passed up by.

    I loves me a great circus too and I’d have gone too. Not been in many years, but there’s been nothing around these parts. I’m living out in the boondocks.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, Spring came early in London and now we are back to normal!

    The circus is a good afternoon or evening out for sure…

  3. Haven’t been to the cirucs since I was youngster, looks like an enjoyable thing to do.

  4. Brian, it is a really good show for sure…