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The Crown – Sam Smiths Quest Round 27

The Crown – Sam Smiths Quest Round 27

You just have to look at the exterior of the Crown Pub – a Sam Smiths boozer – to know that it aint gonna be some poncey bar full of hipsters paying over the odds for ale, but a simple old school pub with reasonable prices. And that is just the way I like it…

The Crown was the 27th Sam Smiths pub that I have visited so far on my quest to drink in all of their London based watering holes. Located a short walk from the mayhem of Oxford Street, the Crown is a welcome respite from all the people and vehicles outside!

If you have ever been in a Sam Smiths boozer in London, you will know the traditional formula that they stick too. Lots of dark brown panelling, wooden tables and chairs, a shade of brown on the roof and floor: yeah brown everywhere. And of course lots of different areas to hide away in. There was an upstairs lounge, which I never checked out.


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As per usual I had a pint of the dark stuff: stout and very drinkable it was too. I also had a pint of Sam Smiths new lager, Double Four, which is a pretty decent lager. In fact I would say it is quite probably their best lager: much better than Taddy, Alpine and the Pure Brew.

crown 2

crown 3

I love a laugh… an Indian hipster with long hair (who turned up 10 minutes late) and his unimpressed internet date, they had a nice table for two. They decided to find a table some where else, back they came 10 minutes later and informed the guy that was now sitting at their table. We were sitting there… the guy sitting there said you are right, you were sitting there, but you aint now!

If you like traditional, old school pubs, which are mostly free of hipsters you will like the Crown. The prices are good, the service is fine and the ale is very drinkable, what more could you want…