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The Capital Tour – The Hunger Games

The Capital Tour – The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games as I’m sure you are all aware is the latest much talked about Hollywood Block Buster Movie that has taken the world by storm – from New York to Paris to Tokyo to London and everywhere in-between. On Tuesday lunchtime along with a group of fellow bloggers and PR people I was invited to join a Hunger Games inspired adventure called the ‘Capital Tour’.

The Capital Tour would see us enjoy a grand meat feast  at the very cool and very stylish Gaucho City restaurant, which is housed in what were once the gold holding vaults for the Bank of England. I just wish I could share some pictures of this beautiful place and the delicious food… but they have a strict no pictures policy – I found that out as I was happily snapping away!

After enjoying the feast in a private dinning room, we jumped on the blogger coach and made our way over to Camden for a visit to the  Escapade Fancy Dress superstore – this shop has an amazing amount of costumes and accessories to choose from! The fun began as we all got into the spirit of things and got dressed up in outfits befitting of the Hunger Games.

As strange as I looked in the outfit which I slipped into I felt good. I was almost ready for the Games… to begin! When I got myself a couple of temporary tattoos I was ready… ready to watch the movie!

Next stop on the Capital Tour was a trip over to Shoreditch and the luxury Aubin Cinema for a VIP screening of the you guessed it… The Hunger Games. This is the way to watch a movie, on a comfortable velvet sofa with a nice big cushion… perfect! At this stage it wouldn’t have really mattered if the movie was crap… I would have just fallen asleep after what had been a fantastic day.

The Hunger Games… is it worthy of the all the hype it has been receiving? Well… it is a really good, very watchable movie, that had me hooked in for the whole 2 hours and believe me that doesn’t happen often. Not once did I look at my watch or even wish the movie would hurry up and finish, and that my friends is the sign that I have been totally engrossed in what I have been watching on the big screen! My biggest fear before I watched The Hunger Games was that it was going to be a movie for teenagers, and thankfully it isn’t – it appeals to all age groups, even a 39 year old like!

If you have seen the Hunger Games you will see how the sumptuous feast and getting dressed up in the fancy dress fitted in with the theme of the movie. Thankfully we never came across any of those viscous beasts that had most people jumping out of their seats during the movie… that would have been a step to far! And if you haven’t seen the Hunger Games it is a very watchable movie as is my good self in Fancy Dress!

You can take your very own The Hunger Games – Capital Tour.


  1. We haven’t gone to a movie in years. Sounds like you did this one up right. How cool.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, it was a good movie for sure…

  3. What a pity you couldn’t take photos in the old vault. That sounds pretty awesome!

  4. Turtle, it is nice place for sure…