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The Black Lion Historic Kilburn Pub

The Black Lion Historic Kilburn Pub

As much as I like living in Kilburn in North West London, I’m not too really enamoured with the pubs in this area. In fact I haven’t even ventured into too many of them, they just don’t seem inviting enough for me.

Before I moved to Kilburn I was living in Shepherds Bush, which is an area that has a lot of good pubs for chilling out in. In fact there is  an aboundance of good pubs in Bush.

Not that I frequent pubs too often, but sometimes it is good to just get out of the house an evening and have a couple of relaxing lagers.

I had a couple of local bars in Bush that I use to frequent that were my kinda places such as the Queen Adelaide and the Stinging Nettle, they were great places for chilling out in. What I like my local pubs to have is nice décor, good lager, efficient bar staff and above all else a friendly sort of atmosphere. And in a perfect world under 10 minutes walk from my front door.

I had walked past the Black Lion pub on Kilburn High Road numerous times, without ever paying it much attention. However, recently I was getting a bit of culture in my soul at the Tricycle. After the show I was in desperate need of a lager or two. The Black Lion was the nearest and most inviting looking pub.

The Black Lion is one of those so called gastro pubs but don’t let that put you off. I know nowadays gastro is a code word for over priced alcohol and food. The price of a pint in the Black Lion was standard London prices, which as anybody that has travelled a bit, knows aint cheap. The food menu looked interesting but a tad pricey for a pub, oops I meant to say they are standard gastro pub prices!

The second I walked in the door of the Black Lion I felt at home, it was my kinda pub. The décor is nothing sort of stunning, the atmosphere felt good and the lager was pretty dam good too. I must admit the girl serving behind the bar is what I like to see, and I don’t mean she was a black girl with a shapely booty and good looks. But rather she was good at her job!

I walked up to the empty bar counter and patiently waited to be served next, a young ginger haired Irish twat, appears at the bar and tries his best to get served next. Just when I was away to give him a wee talk on manners, the girl serving said to Irish boy  there is someone before you. That’s what I like to see a bar tender that has eyes and knows who is next.

What I really liked about the Black Lion was that even though the place has clearly been upgraded from the Irish fleapit of a pub that it was once upon a time, is that they have still managed to do it in such a way that the character of the place still oozes through.

As soon as you walk into the Black Lion you cant but fail to notice and be impressed by the amazing ceiling, I know for some people that might have the opposite effect and it might put you off your drink. The wooden floors, brass hangings, comfy sofas (you might need to have a street fight to get one though), working fireplace and the original bar counter all combine to make the Black Lion one very nice place to chill out in.

I’m not sure if the  Black Lion is the best pub in Kilburn, but what I do know is that I like the place and can recommend it as a place to go for a few drinks. They even have some seating outside, which doesn’t really appeal to me, sitting outside watching the world go by on Kilburn High Road just doesn’t do it for me!

And the good news, well it is for me. Is that the Black Lion is only 10 minutes walk from my front door!