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The Anchor Tap: The Sam Smiths Quest Round Number 26

The Anchor Tap: The Sam Smiths Quest Round Number 26

Finally… finally… finally my Sam Smiths Quest has moved on to round number 26. It had been 6 months months since I last enjoyed a pint of one of Yorkshire’s finest ales… The Anchor Tap located on a side street a few minutes walk from Tower Bridge was my port of call!

There is something about old school boozers that I truly love. I find them comfortable and relaxing places to enjoy a couple of pints of the good stuff. The Anchor Tap featured lots of dark wood, lots of different rooms to hide away in and friendly bar staff. And there was Old Brewery Bitter on cask for only £2.90 a pint. What is there not to like about this boozer: I can’t really think of anything…

The Anchor Tap may not have aspiring models from Eastern Europe behind the bar, who spend half the time looking at themselves in the mirror and who can’t be arsed to say thank you, or be full of trendy young things who spend hours sipping the same pint, wearing the same gormless frown on their faces… but it is my kinda pub! If your thing is overpriced, shiny, characterless pubs full of those who think they are cool, the Anchor Tap may not be your sort of pub!




If you like old school boozers, Old Brewery Bitter and a relaxed atmosphere you won’t go far wrong in the Anchor Tap. A much better choice than all those over priced tourist traps that abound in the area!