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That’s My World – Paddington Old Cemetery

That’s My World – Paddington Old Cemetery

Paddington Old Cemetery is the first ever entry from ‘London Is Cool’ into MyWorld – the place where you show others the area around you and become our Tourist Guide! Welcome to London…

Let me yours truly William K Wallace, give you a wee glimpse into my world, a place where I escape to when I need some peace and quiet, a place that I call my garden, a place full of thousands of dead people! My regular readers will be fully aware I’m talking about Paddington Old Cemetery in Kilburn, North West London.

London is a city that attracts millions of excited tourists every year who come to experience the many famous sights and attractions that this amazing city has to offer. Very few come to the ‘Big Smoke’ to visit little known Paddington Old Cemetery, but for me it  has become one of the most special places in all of London.

Until I moved to London, graveyards weren’t the sort of place that you would find me hanging around in. I thought they were places where you encounter nutters scribbling notes in their little black books! As they say never judge anybody! I guess when J.K. Rowling was writing her first Harry Potter books in her favourite Edinburgh café ‘The Elephant House’ plenty of people would have looked at her and said weirdo!

Paddington Old Cemetery on a rainy day, on a sunny day, on a snowy day, on any day of the week is a good place to be…


  1. Like many cemeteries, it has its eerie areas, as well as its beautiful spots. great captures.

  2. looks really pretty

  3. Life Ramblings, parts of it are bit on the errie side, espcially on a grey day, but I like that…

    CV, it sure is a good place to chill out and relax.

  4. I will be staying at this hotel in paddington from 11th to 13th February. Can you tell whether the cemetery is at a walking distance of my hotel?

  5. Tim, it would take around an hour to walk it from your hotel. Your best bet would be to jump on the 98 bus which you can get on Edgare Road, which is very close to your hotel and that will take you to virtually right outside the cemetery. Bus journey takes about 12-15 minutes…

  6. Thanks, mate.