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Tasting London

Tasting London

Many people choose to visit London as a stopover or part of their holiday while having cruises from**UK**or to/from other destinations within the region. If you have not really decided whether you would visit London yourself, you should know that it is definitely a good idea to stop here as this is home to many breathtaking scenic spots. Whilst in London, you may be able to get more information about other nearby free and paid on offer. You may also opt to coordinate your cruise holidays through phone by just calling 0808-252-8142 for free! Anyway, since you are already in London, another good way to maximize your stay here is by trying many different types of food that are certainly tempting to your palate.

The UK but particularly London is famous for afternoon tea. This consists of finger sandwiches, scones with cream and jam and a selection of cakes and pastries, all washed down with a large pot of tea. It is a traditional English past-time and is something that can be sampled in many London hotels. Afternoon tea is usually taken around 2pm to 5pm and is designed to last a few hours whilst you chat with friends.

Due to the multi-cultural population of London, food here is influenced by a number of different countries and almost any type of food you can think of is available if you know where to look. Try Chinatown for authentic Chinese food and dim sum. There are all-you-can eat buffets available but also more up-market and elegant Chinese restaurants where you can sample such delights as Beef Ho Fun and Singapore Noodles. If you have a a love of Chinese food marketed for Western tastes then you may not be so keen on delicacies such as chopped intestines or ducks feet which are on offer in some of the more authentic Chinese cafe’s. Often these menu’s will be written in Cantonese so that you as anunsuspecting tourist you will be given the English menu and not likely
to accidentally¬† order something you didn’t wish to try!

In other areas of London there are restaurants serving Lebanese food, Thai and Mexican. Wahaca is a small chain of restaurants which serves Mexican street food. Their style is similar to eating Spanish tapas where you order a few different small plates of food rather than one main course. At Wahaca you can try a burrito followed by a quesidilla or a tostada and still have room for some grilled sweetcorn and perhaps some nachos, finishing off afterwards with traditional chocolate churros.

For another authentic taste of London, try heading to the East End where some pie and mash shops still exist selling jellied eels and liquor to pour over your mashed potato, something you will not find in most other cities!