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Tale of Two Porters: Boozing it up in London

Tale of Two Porters: Boozing it up in London

My kinda tipple is dark beers, stouts and porters… a pint or two or three of the dark stuff a week is what keeps me sane and healthy! Even the legendary robber Dick Turpin was rumoured to have enjoyed downing a few pints of porter after a hard days work… and even to this very day there are descendants of the famous highwayman serving behind bars all over London!

After I had enjoyed Friday Night Lates at the British Museum – all that history and culture made me thirsty – I felt like I deserved a few pints of the dark stuff. As much as I like Guinness, there are scores of better tasting ales out there… FACT! I had heard a lot of good things about a brew made by Fullers, London Porter, so off I went to the Parcel Yard at Kings Cross Station, which was only a short walk away…

The Parcel Yard is my kinda boozer: the design team who created this station pub, have excelled themselves. Lots of character, along with numerous nooks and crannies to enjoy a pint or three! Now onto the dark stuff… London Porter was on tap, why they didn’t’ have it on cask I wish I knew. Never the less it was a decent enough Porter, not as good as the hype. I have tasted better, much better.

London Porter, dark chocolate, coffee, and roasted malts with a wee bit of bitterness. The kind of flavors I love in my ale! Not sure if it was worth the £4.30 a pint! Wow that cost me £8.60 for 2 pints of Porter… welcome to London!

porter 2

I had to go to Euston Station to take the train home, which was a good enough excuse to pop into the Euston Tap for another pint or 2 of Porter. A coconut porter by Dark Star caught my attention and a nice drop it was too… lots of chocolate, roasted malts, some coffee and a very light hint of coconut are the flavors which I tasted. And at £3.60 a pint it wasn’t such a hard job handing over the money. Who says everywhere in London is expensive…

porter 1

Way back in the 18th and 19th centuries when Porter was first invented in Old London Town, it was almost the equivalent of  a health drink. After a hard days graft,  men would down pints of Porter to recover from  hours of hard, back breaking work. I had been at the gym earlier, before I went to Friday Lates… so I had earned those pints… hell yeah!