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Street Art Comes Alive – London Street Photography

Street Art Comes Alive  – London Street Photography

I snapped today’s featured picture a few months ago, can’t remember exactly when. I get out and about a lot and take a lot of pictures… so forgive me. The mural is by a street artist called Ben Slow and was located on Hanbury Street – I imagine something else has now taken its place – which depicts a member of the EDL and an Islamic extremist looking like they are having a friendly and intelligent discussion… perhaps not!

The girl with the can of Red Stripe in her hand appeared – not one of my favourite lagers, but never mind – just as I was capturing what I think is a great piece of street art. I think she liked the street art and I was happy with both the street art and my picture.

Street Art Comes Alive – London Street Photography


  1. Lot of yelling going on too. Very interesting.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, it is eye catching piece…

  3. Fabulous capture! It is indeed still there, well at least it was two weeks ago when we went on the Street Art tour. Ben himself was our guide.

  4. Emm, I’m amazed it is still there and as good as this piece is, I look forward to seeing a new piece of artwork on that wall next time I’m down Brick Lane…