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Stop Looking For Cheap Sex Advice On London Is Cool

Stop Looking For Cheap Sex Advice On London Is Cool

The host of London Is Cool, me, yours truly William K Wallace the Wandering Scotsman has had hundreds of adventures since I made this crazy city my home almost three years ago. Every single time I step out my front door I feel the buzz, the energy and excitement of living in one of the coolest cities in the world…it feels good to be here and I’m going to carry on enjoying every moment I have left until I decide to pack up my bags and leave…

There is always something happening…London is a city where one minute you can be walking past a multi millionaire, as a down and out sleeps in a doorway and a few minutes later a prostitute could appear asking you for a light…which is really her approach for offering her services! Most High Streets in London will have desperate girls selling themselves for money…for most of them it is about feeding their habit. Desperate ladies who will rent you their soul for a few pounds…

There are two prostitutes that I notice from time to time on Kilburn High Road,  both of whom have approrached me offering their services, I wrote about those encounters Kilburn High Road Encounter With A Prostitute and Miss F the Not So Hot Very Cheap London Prostitute. These two females sure aint the Hollywood sugar coated Julia Roberts ‘Pretty Woman’ version of the so called oldest profession in the world…they are selling themselves for as little as 5 quid for a quickie. They are as desperate as they come, and I’m sure they get plenty of business form desperate men!

‘London Is Cool’ is very much about my real adventures and observations around London Town, unlike many blogs that are all about promoting stuff…PR puppets with nothing interesting to say! When I wrote about Miss F offering me cheap sex or Miss X offering equally cheap sex I have been inundated with guys asking me exactly where I can find these woman, whether I had their phone number…WTF, or that they had been out searching for them and they were disappointed because they couldn’t find them…WTF! In my articles I pretty much make it clear that I value my health and that such woman quite frankly disgust me!

My response to me like Richard, Omar, Nayan and Pavak who have sent me emails such as ‘Hi I am new in London, could you please where and how can I have a Cheap Sex with a woman,’ yes indeed I could point them in the right direction…in fact I walked past Miss F earlier this morning. When she is need of fix she is always kicking about. ‘Go get a life and stop risking your health for 1 minute of sex, and run the risk of catching some terrible disease, being robbed or ending up killed!’ is what I advice them!

Men like Richard, Omar, Brian and Pavak you need to take a close look in the mirror and think long and hard about why it is they can’t find a girlfriend, why they have to seek out the cheapest, the nastiest prostitutes that London has to offer. And the answer my friends is that they need to go and get a character transplant…maybe take a shower from time to time and generally spruce themselves up a bit and maybe…maybe they might be able to find a girlfriend and then embark upon a loving relationship that will involve as much sex as they can handle!

Stop Looking For Cheap Sex Advice On London Is Cool, however I do offer some sound advice…yes I do…


  1. Well, you should have told them where to find them. These kinds of guys aren’t going to take your advice. Just my humble opinion.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, I think you may well be right…

  3. My ex-husband would rather spend his money on escorts than buy his two kids a Christmas present. It must be easy money for them he was alaways a 1 minute wonder.

  4. Guys that pay for sex as mostly ugly losers or desperate losers! Why would any sane man want to put his dick in a place which see’s more pricks than my dart board can only be insane!

  5. Jane, your ex is a cheap loser.

    Brian, they are indeed insane!