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Spitting Image – 101 London Picture Series

Spitting Image – 101 London Picture Series

I thought my eyes were deceiving me during a recent visit to the wonderful Priceless London Wonderground… I really did! The guy standing next to the poster on the wall, looked like he was the spitting image of the chap on the poster, or vice versa! I wondered where the snake was hiding!

The more I looked at the guy with the beard, the real guy, the one with the pint of what looks like Magners in his hand, was in fact the guy in the poster, or at the very least it was a relative of his! It’s a small and crazy world sometimes!

I never did make it inside to see the show, the ‘Worlds Most Fantastic Freaks’, there was too much happening outside!

The latest instalment of the much talked about, but never emulated 101 Londoner Picture Series featuresSpitting Image‘.