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South Kilburn Graffiti 2013

South Kilburn Graffiti 2013

The infamous London blogger… the Wandering Scotsman – that is me by the way- made a return visit to the bad lands of South Kilburn to check out the graffiti: the area isn’t actually as bad as it is cracked up to be. And anyway, at 10.30am in the morning all the gang banger wannabes losers are still tucked up in their beds, apart from those walking their viscous looking pit bull type of dogs!

My last visit was way back in April 2011. Time does fly living in London. I was hoping there would be a few new pieces of street art, and there was a couple, but not as much as I was hoping for. Never the less it was worth making the 20 minute walk to get there.

South Kilburn Graffiti 2013






I have featured the piece down below before, but it is a great piece of art…