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Sheltering From the Rain – London Picture of the Week

Sheltering From the Rain – London Picture of the Week

‘Sheltering from the Rain’ is this weeks Picture of the Week – or more like a picture that sums up the Summer so far in London, England this year.

At least they have a roof on Wimbledon, which means the outdoor door tournament can be played indoors! However… hopefully the rain can hold off on Sunday and the final between Roger Federer and Andy Murray can be played outdoors where it belongs!

I find it amazing that there hasn’t been a British born male singles winner at Wimbledon for 76 years – what does that tell you about the people who run tennis in the UK. About time they started getting the poor and working class youngsters involved, instead of the posh twats who don’t seem to have the bottle, willpower, the ability or the desire to reach the top in tennis!

The rain seems to have stopped for a few brief moments… so I’m going to dash out to the shops for a few bits and pieces! Never the less I’m going to take my umbrella with me just in case this Summer rain soaks me to the skin again!

Sheltering From the Rain – London Picture of the Week


  1. I’ve heard it’s been a wet summer in London this year. I’ve got a bunch of blogging buddies that live in and around London.

    Have a terrific day and stay dry. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, it has indeed. I had to shelter under a tree today. One minute it was sunny, the next it was lashing down with rain.