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Secret London, MI5 and MI6 Where To Find Them

Secret London, MI5 and MI6 Where To Find Them

The main secret services organisations in the United Kingdom are MI6 and MI5. There are of course, probably quite a few shadowy agencies operating in the world of espionage that are sponsored by our Government, that we will never find out about. They are the ones that make people disappear! Have I been watching too many movies or do such organisations actually exist! I will shoot off an email to the Prime Minister and see what he has to say about it…

Anyway, I thought it might be a fun thing to do, to go and visit MI6 and MI5, well not exactly pop in for a cup of tea kind of visit, but to go and look at the buildings from a distance. The headquarters of MI6 and MI5 are not so secret, and are easy places to find.

Where To Find The Headquarters of MI5 and MI6

MI5, have called Thames House their home since 1994, which is an office development in Millbank, London, on the Westminster bank of the River Thames, between Lambeth Bridge and Millbank Tower. The building was reportable purchased for ONLY £100 million, nothing but the best for our spies!

MI6, have been based at Vauxhall Cross since 1995, at the Vauxhall end of Vauxhall Bridge on the South Bank of the Thames. The building was seemingly supposed to have cost a whopping £260 million. I’m sure our spies are well worth it!

Some of you may be curious to know what is the difference between MI5 and MI6. MI5 deals with threats inside the UK and is formally known as the Secret Service. MI6 deals with overseas threats and is formally known as the Secret Intelligence Service. MI5 are responsible to the Home Office and MI6 are responsible to the Foreign Office.

I think it is worth noting that the official existence of  MI6 wasn’t actually confirmed by the British Government until 1994, which makes me wonder what else is out there!

And people please keep it a secret where you found out the locations of the headquarters of MI5 and MI6, don’t mention London Is Cool, whatever you do!


  1. Very interesting. They probably had their cameras trained on you during your visit from the distance. Speaking of watching too many movies, the buildings are probably several stories deep.

  2. I’m sure the cameras were trained on me from a great distance. The MI6 building is rumoured to be five storeys deep.

  3. This is fascinating, your photos make me want to come visit those buildings — from a distance too!

  4. The Vauxhall Cross building looks like it’s could transform at any moment. I keep meaning to read The History of the Secret Intelligence Service, so I can get my head around everything that they were up to in the 1st half of the 20th Century.

  5. If you were watching them from a distance they probably had someone standing right beside you and you did not know it lol…

  6. I’m sure they were…

  7. We tried this back in 2008. See what happened.

  8. At least the security guy liked the music….