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Sea Strata Green Park Station – Art or Junk

Sea Strata Green Park Station – Art or Junk

Sea Strata by Royal Academician John Maine is a new work of art that was commissioned for Green Park Underground Station, which has transformed the walls and floors of the building above ground. I guess some people will be wetting their pants about how inspirational it looks, others will be amazed that it is actually art, and plenty of Londoners who walk around like they are running the 100 meters won’t even notice it. I personally think another Snake Oil Pedaller masquerading as an artist has managed to con the world with a piece of junk!

I watched about a 100 people walk past Green Park Station and I only noticed about 3 people giving the so called art work a second glance. In fact me, yours truly the host of London Is Cool, the Wandering Scotsman received more attention form the public as I took some pictures of the art. Believe me I’m more interesting to look at than Sea Strata ever will be!

Seemingly, according to Art on the Underground and John Strata RA ‘the concept of John Maine’s work for Green Park station is grounded in the natural world, reflecting the location between the urban character of Piccadilly and the more rural Green Park beyond’. Of course it is, for the full story on what Sea Strata at Green Park Station is meant to be about visit SEA STRATA.

Just because I don’t like or appreciate Sea Strata that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. We are all individuals, with our own personal tastes…or we should be. Don’t let anyone cloud YOUR judgement!

Sea Strata by John Maine at Green Park Station


I honestly swear give me a chisel, a lump of Portland Stone and a blind fold and I could create some caveman art that will blow your mind…give me 20 grand and it’s a done deal…



  1. Well, I’m with you on this one. I don’t get it or care for it, but to each their own.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, and the junk looks worse in real life than it does in the pictures…