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Saturday Night With The Delicious Mojito

Saturday Night With The Delicious Mojito

Saturday night I decided to put my feet up and stay at home with the World Wide Web and my laptop as company. I was kinda glad that I had no place to go and nothing to do as I was looking forward to the rest. It had been virtually non stop  since last Saturday with me attending numerous events and with plenty of work throwing into the mix as well. I was feeling knackered.

My African Princess was working till late, which meant I was free as a bird in the sky…oh yes indeed!

When I was at the Notting Hill Carnival on bank holiday Monday. I was given a leaflet for some money off Chairman’s Reserve rum from St Lucia, which also had a recipe for a cocktail that I have developed a real taste for since I moved to London, the Mojito. I have team Neon to thank for inviting me to all those fantastic Havana Cultura events where I have indulged in drinking quite a few Mojitos.

After I read the leaflet I was amazed how easy it was to make Mojitos. All I needed was rum, some limes, white sugar, soda water, mint leaves and crushed ice. And I was pretty sure it wouldn’t take me too long to be master the art of making my very own Mojitos to perfection.

By some minor miracle I had all the ingredients required apart from the rum! So I mustered up the last of my energy and headed off to the local off license, who unfortunately didn’t have any Chairman’s Reserve, which was a pity because I was looking to forward trying it out. I was going to buy a bottle of Club Havana because I know how good Mojitos taste with Cuba’s finest rum in it. However I noticed they had Cockspur rum from Barbados, which I had drank many times when I was living in there and it was 5 quid cheaper…

Making Mojitos really is a dawdle. The third one I made, I had cracked it to perfection. I was making Mojitos as good as I have ever tasted them. I personally prefer them with plenty of rum, so instead of putting in 2 shots of rum I went for 3, which made all the difference for me.

Saturday night alone with Mojito and the internet really was a nae bad way to spend a relaxing evening. I caught up with a few of the Yankee television shows that I like to watch such as Burns Notice, The City and CSI Miami as I downed copious amounts of Mojitos and munched on Doritos. Sometimes in life a simple night in  is as good as it gets. The only way my evening could have been much better, would have been if my African Princess had been there to make the Mojitos for me and pander to my every need!

Because I’m a nice guy here is the Mojito recipe I used:

3 shots Cockspur rum
¾ shot freshly squeezed lime juice
1 heaped tea spoon white sugar
12 mint leaves
Crushed ice
and who needs a mint sprig as a garnish!

Lightly muddle the mint in the base of the glass.
Add the rum, lime juice and sugar.
Half fill the glass with crushed ice and churn.
Fill glass with crushed ice and top with soda.

Does it get any easier than that, even my African Princess can learn to make delicious tasting Mojitos…


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  1. I wanna this on my Weekends with Mojito