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Robin Hood, Bandits, Sluts and Naked Bike Riders

Robin Hood, Bandits, Sluts and Naked Bike Riders

Robin, Hood, Bandits, sluts and naked bike riders are going to be taking to the streets of London Town this fine Saturday afternoon (11 of June). It is of course a day of people making their voices heard regarding issues that effect all of us.

Protesters have over the past few months being given a lot of undeserved bad press in London, I would expect nothing else from the rich men and woman who sit in Westminster who think the normal people of this country should be seen and not heard. I personally feel that this corrupt and devious Government of ours has orchestrated much of the trouble, violence and the bad press that has followed many of those student marches and the recent TUC march!

The Tory’s and their pet puppets the Liberal Democrats happily champion the cause of the downtrodden people in far off lands such as Libya, Egypt and Tunisia who have taken to the streets to protest, to fight for change, to make their governments listen. But protest in this country against our corrupt and out of touch Government full of rich men and woman and you are treated almost like a criminal.

I personally take my hat off to every man, woman and child who gives up their time and gets themselves onto to a protest in an effort to make this country we live in a better place. Change doesn’t happen by sitting in your comfy armchair with a cup of tea in your hand moaning to yourself!

Robin Hood, Bandits, Sluts and Naked Bike Riders:

Tax Dodgers Protest – Join Robin Hood and his band of merry men as they ‘rob the rich to give back to the poor’! Dress as a bandit or a tax-dodging banker. A sound-system is at the ready – and an open-mic is at your disposal.

RBS outside Angel tube station 1-3pm

Slutwalk London – An event which aims to raise awareness of rape, sexual attacks and unacceptable attitudes to their causes.

Hyde Park Corner at 1pm with the march heading to Trafalgar Square for a rally.

Naked Bike Ride London – Lots of naked cyclists taking to the roads in protest against oil dependency and car culture. Not a pretty sight, but never the less a worthy cause!

Hyde Park by the Achilles Statue 3pm and follows a route through central London, a lot of tourists are going to be wondering WTF!

Change doesn’t happen by itself, change doesn’t happen overnight, but change can happen if enough people make their voices heard.

‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’ Mohandas Gandhi

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  1. Damn that sounds like fun to watch. A people watching Hall of Fame moment.

    Can you say intern…?