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March For the Alternative In Pictures Part 1

March For the Alternative In Pictures Part 1

On Saturday morning ‘London Is Cool’ headed into central London for the TUC March For the Alternative and depending on who you listen to there were between 250,000 to 500,000 people there. Whatever the numbers were, there was a lot of people peacefully protesting and showing their disdain for the Government cutbacks.

Of course the actions of the Anarchists is making the headlines in the News today. Out of hundreds of thousands people, an estimated 500 nutters caused trouble, and take it from me the police could have kettled, contained and arrested the Anarchists long before any trouble kicked off, if they wanted to, but they chose not to! They weren’t exactly hard to spot, dressed all in black, with their red and black flags and covered faces. I personally think the Government and police let the men and woman in black embark on their path of destruction in order to generate bad publicity for what was a very friendly good natured march, which had a carnival like vibe to it.

I encountered both sides of this country’s biggest protest march for decades. I witnessed the violence and vandalism. The Anarchists were of course targeting business that exploit every accounting loophole they can in order avoid paying taxes in this country. Anyway the Anarchists were not part of the Union march, they had there own agenda. The main protest march, which is what the news should be all about today, but people protesting with smiles on their faces doesn’t make for such good news!

During the six plus hours I spent on the road wandering from Whitehall to Hyde Park, via Charring Cross, Bond Street, Oxford Street and Piccadilly the vibe was 99% about people protesting peacefully. There was music, speeches, dancing, performances and smiles everywhere. There were old and young people, and whole families. And even the police were in a more laid back and better mood than normal!

March For the Alternative was a truly fun march to be on and whether it makes any difference I don’t know, but protesting peacefully has got to be a better option than bending over and taking it from the likes of Cameron, Clegg, Osborne, Smith and Hague…

Eventually I made it to Hyde Park, but the Trade Union rally was well and truly over…I was going head back down to Oxford Street and Trafalgar Square to see what was happening, but alas over 6 hours on the road I barley had enough energy to make it the pub for a few cold ones…And you can enjoy Part 2 right here.