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Richmond Park – A to Z of Things to do and Places to Visit in London

Richmond Park – A to Z of Things to do and Places to Visit in London

Richmond Park is the largest and one of the least visited Royal Parks – I guess it’s is too far out-of-the-way for most tourists and Londoners to visit. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get busy on those days’ when the sun shines, especially so at the weekend!

Richmond Park comprises of almost 2400 acres of walled parkland, which is accessed through various gates. Inside the park, which is open 24 a day apart from during deer culling,  you will find large meadows, woodlands, ponds, old lodges, beautiful scenery and wondrous views stretching all the way into Central London. A truly beautiful place to visit…

The only downside to Richmond Park is the roads that circle the park and run through various sections of it. One minute I felt like I was in the countryside and the next I was waiting for a gap in traffic to cross a very busy road on Sunday afternoon. How different that was compared to a mid-week visit to the park back in November, when there was very little traffic!

There is so much more to visiting Richmond Park, than hiring a bike and cycling as quickly as you can to all the so called must visit parts such as Isabella Plantation, which is indeed a beautiful garden to visit, Pembroke Lodge and King Henry’s Mound, where you will marvel at the views or the various ponds. By cycling you are missing on so much – you can’t cycle everywhere, only on designated paths. Sure cyclists get from A to B quickly, its just a pity that they miss out on so much in-between!

All those cyclists I noticed whizzing along the road as I walked through the empty forest, missed out on the smells and sounds of nature. They didn’t see the wild flowers sprouting up, nor could they see foxes running through the trees. Nor could they hear the water rippling…

The whole point for me being in a place like Richmond Park is to take it easy, to stroll around at a nice leisurely speed. And best of all I like to sit down and soak up  the views on a frequent basis as I enjoy being in such a beautiful place. So many of those cyclists were blasting along like they were late for work – what’s there hurry?

Richmond Park – A to Z of Things to do and Places to Visit in London

Richmond Park deserves your time, so expect to spend at least 4 hours exploring one of my favourite Royal Parks. Remember to come prepared with plenty to eat and drink! And leave the bikes for those that like to rush around…

R = Richmond Park. For more from the A to Z of Things to do & Places to Visit in London.


  1. I’d pack a lunch and spend the day. That’s what I would do.

    Have a terrific day and week ahead. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, good idea… that’s a good plan!

  3. such a beautiful park, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. great captures. 🙂

  4. Haven’t been to Richmond Park for a many a year. Did you find the deer?

  5. LifeRamblings it is indeed and a great place to take pictures…

  6. Taylor not on this occassion, on my last visit I found the herd…