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Rant Of The Week – Against William Hague

Rant Of The Week – Against William Hague

As the whole world is painfully aware a 9.0 magnitude quake and tsunami struck north-east Japan 10 days ago, killing untold thousands and leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless. Survivors are still fighting for their lives in freezing temperatures, with no power, fuel and a severe lack of food. The Japanese government done the right thing and swallowed their pride and requested help from whoever was willing to lend their expertise and knowledge to help save life’s…

A team of 14 men and woman from the International Rescue Corps arrived in Tokyo on Monday night to assist with humanitarian rather than search-and-rescue work. This would have been the 33rd such mission the IRC have been involved with all over the world. So as you can imagine they have a hell of a lot expertise to give, just the sort of people you want helping out if you ask me.

To cut a long story short. The IRC had been invited by the Japanese Government, they never just, said ‘oh lets go help and jumped on a plane to Tokyo’. The team of 14 arrived in Tokyo, ready, able and willing to help save lives. The Japanese Embassy was very helpful and glad to have them there. All the IRC team needed was a form the British Embassy that stated they were a legitimate organisation.

Doesn’t seem to complicated to me. Without the A4 sheet of paper the International Rescue Corps wouldn’t have been able to buy fuel or travel around the country. The pencil pushers at the British Embassy were so incompetent that they couldn’t get the necessary paper work sorted out. I know it sounds unbelievable but it’s true. Those fuckers at the embassy love to swan around when the times are good, but when the shit hits the fan they are like little lost school boys!

Up pops the blundering Foreign Secretary, who with a smile on his manic face happily tells the world it was the fault of the IRC they never came prepared. That the IRC team, which has its headquarters at Grangemouth, had nobody but itself to blame.

He said problems were caused because the group had “no transport or logistical or language support” in place.

Mr Hague added that it was “convenient” for the team to blame the aborted mission on red tape.

And the truth of the matter is of course entirely different.

Fraserburgh fire-fighter John Anderson has a different version of events.

Mr Anderson, 58, a father-of-two, said: “It was very annoying to come back and hear William Hague say our team wasn’t properly equipped.”

“It’s very easy for someone to stand up at a microphone and slag us off.”

He added: “The truth is we were very well prepared for this. We had our own transport organised, we had maps which highlighted exactly where we were meant to be working, we had interpreters and we had people in Japan who knew we were coming and were ready to assist us.

And I have heard the same thing what Fireman John has said from countless other sources!

I guess at the end of the day who do you believe? A seemingly happily married politician who shared a bedroom on a trip with a gay  young male assistant and he thought it was a smart thing to do.  And just a couple of weeks ago he was telling the world that Gaddafi had fled to Venezuela or do you believe an organisation that has being saving life’s and has attended countless disasters all over the world during the last 30 yeas. It is a no brainier really, isn’t it! All Hague was doing was trying to cover up the incompetence of his ex school chums who run our Embassy in Japan, I guess having some real work to do, having to deal with a crisis was just a little bit to taxing for them. Anyone for some afternoon tea, I bet they could organise that properly, bunch of useless tossers…

It is about time the Prime Minister David Cameron sacked William Hague, but he won’t do that because he is part of the old boys club. The one where those public school boys flush each others heads down the toilets and do all sorts of funny stuff with each other in the showers…

And here is an interesting article that raises a few questions about Mr Hague and his choice of Special Adviser, Flashback: Hague’s Gay Special Adviser.

I personally feel that these devious, lying corrupt Tories and Lib Dems need to be very closely watched…and I get the feeling that the BBC and the mainstream press are not prepared to rock the boat against them. We are almost living in a Dictatorship. I thought things were bad under Labour, but it seems these rich ex public school boys who Govern us are intent on ripping the heart out of this once great country for their own benefit. They need to be stopped…

One week we are selling millions of pounds worth of weapons to Gaddafi, the next we are sending our troops to be killed by those same guns that made huge profits for the men in suits…if someone can figure it all out let me know…


  1. I know who I believe and I believe the same person you do. What incompetence. The Government at times are just plain worthless.

    Excellent rant by the way.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. They take lying onto a whole new level to cover their backs!