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Rant Of The Day From The Wandering Scotsman In A London Bank

Rant Of The Day From The Wandering Scotsman In A  London Bank

I had to pop into the bank this morning to pay…my dam council tax. I know I could pay it by direct debit, but I prefer to pay at the last possible second.

There was a queue from hell in the Kilburn Branch of NatWest today and to make matters worse they only had one teller in operation. The other two tellers were busy doing things that were obviously much more important than serving customers. Im sure some top banker will tell himself that  he is  doing a great job and demand a few millions pounds of a bonus!

After about 15 minutes, I eventually made it to the front of the queue. And at last there were  two tellers in operation. I thought it wouldn’t take long until I would escape the queue to Hell. Or that is what I wrongly assumed.

The middle aged Indian woman customer knew the Indian woman serving at the counter and she wouldn’t stop talking shit…she went on and on and on, I could feel the anger in the queue behind me, I could hear the mutterings of pissed off people. Eventually the bank employee asks her to put her card in the reader…

At the other teller was a Kebab shop owner who was paying in a pile of loot in notes…1350 quid, if you really want to know. He hands over the money and says to the girl, I’m not sure how much there is. Is he crazy or what…why would you pay money into your bank account without first counting it…crazy! She tells Mr Kebab shop owner that there was £1350. And wait for it…he tells her she has made a mistake…there is only £1300…WTF! She counts it again and she says yes it is £1350 and he is still not having it. I thought he never knew how much there was! A third time she counts it and yes it was £1350, I was ready to throw him out the bank at this stage and tell him to get lost!

The Indian woman had come into the bank to find out how much she had in her bank account…more like talk to her friend. She then takes £40 out. Must be afraid to use the bank machine outside, and the one inside for that matter. Mr Kebab eventually done his business, looking rather unhappy with himself that he cant count and that the Polish girl behind the counter can.

The Polish bank clerk must have been happy to have a speedy customer like me, it took 20 seconds to serve me and I was gone. The bank queue from hell took 25 minutes…maybe I will start paying my council tax by direct debit…