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Quirky Sphinx Bench Located on Victoria Embankment

Quirky Sphinx Bench  Located on Victoria Embankment

Last month I feature one of the Camel Benches which majestically sit  next to the River Thames on the City of London part of Victoria Embankment, today I’m featuring the Sphinx Benches which sit on the Westminster part of Victoria Embankment.

Just like the Camel Benches, the Sphinx Benches were installed in the 1870’s by Z.D. Berry & Son and designed by Lewis and G F Vulliamy. Quite clearly the benches were put in place to match the Egyptian theme on the Embankment, which includes Cleopatra’s Needle and the two Sphinxes guarding it.

I personally think the Camel Benches are more eye catching than the Sphinx ones, but never the less I don’t mind which one I sit on to enjoy the view of the River Thames.

Quirky Sphinx Bench Located on Victoria Embankment

London Blogger William K Wallace discovers the quirky Sphinx Benches down on London's Victoria Embankment.

Oops… where did that litter come from that surrounds the bench. It is hard to believe there was a bin located about 1 minutes walk away from the seat. Ah well wait till the London 2012 Olympics start and I’m sure there will be plenty of volunteers picking up the crap that lazy people can’t be bothered to put in a bin. Helping to create a wrong impression of London, showing all the visitors that it is pristine and clean city, instead of the filthy litter strewn cesspit which it really is!


  1. You should see the trash that’s dumped here. Awful. We have the biggest bunch of slobs on the planet.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, there seems to be too many slobs nowadays!

  3. I always find it amusing when you take someone for a walk along the Embankment and show them the sphynx itself – lots of people don’t even know it’s there…

  4. Pete, there are a lot of Londoners who don’t explore their city as much as they should.