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Property Scammers Keep On Making The Money

Property Scammers Keep On Making The Money

I have written about the subject of property rental scammers on numerous occasions. It however seems that some  people are still not paying attention to my words of wisdom. Or the only other thing, which I can think of is that some people like to be scammed.

Last week the misery, which is caused by the infamous property scam was brought home to me on  three occasions. I was wandering around on Saturday afternoon, when a lost looking soul from South America asked me for directions. They had been searching for a particular house number for over an hour and they just couldn’t find it anywhere.

Me being a good samaritan and knowing only too well the feeling of being lost in a foreign country, decided to lend a helping hand. The long and short of the story is that the address never existed. I asked her if she was sure she had the correct house number. Miss South America then  pulled out a print out of the flat details sent to her by the owner, which confirmed the non existent address.

It was very quickly becoming obvious to me that she had been the victim of one of London’s many property rental scammers. Some fucker in Lagos, Nigeria had suckered in another victim. She had fallen victim to a scam that has caught out too many unsuspecting people.

I cant believe how many people are scammed in this way, they send money for a property that they have only ever viewed online. It is always a stunning looking property, which is advertised at way below the going rate in London. Miss South America, showed me the pictures of an amazing looking 1 bedroom flat, which she had paid £500 deposit and £500 for the first months rent. She was also getting her bills and council taxed included in her £500 a month.

Give me a break, I’m paying £600 a month for a decent sized studio in good condition and paying my own bills. In fact one of my friends  a week ago said they almost fell for a scam themselves. They came across a too good to be true studio in Camden for £110 a week, including all bills. I asked them why they didn’t read my blog? Because they obviously need help to see the light.

I pointed Miss South America in the direction of a cheap bed and breakfast and welcomed her to London. Sometimes in life some people have to learn the hard way.

The other day my landlord was also telling me about, a guy that came to view one of his studios and how he had also fallen victim to the scammers. It was the usual scenario, £500 deposit and £500 first months rent for a property he had never seen before. I can imagine £1000 pounds goes a long way in Nigeria.

My friend did tell me he thought it was a wee bit suspicious that the person wanted him to transfer money to himself to prove that he could afford the rent. The  owner claimed that  he  had tons of interest in the property and didn’t want to come all the way from Sweden to find out that my friend was a time waster. Of course the owner is in Sweden, I would be surprised if the fucking scammer even knew where the country was.

My gullible friend then argued with me that it was just one of life’s bargains. I asked him whey he didn’t grab the bargain of a lifetime. I’m still waiting on a proper answer. His theory was how could the scammer get his money if he had transferred it to himself or to a friend. I asked him if the so called owner of the property asked him for a scanned copy of the receipt, which of course they did. Once they have the transaction number and all the senders details, they have your money it is as simple as that. They then walk into a Western Union shop, with fake I.D and your money, isn’t yours anymore.

The thing that really gets me, is that these property scams are all started online, why the fuck cant people spend a wee bit of time doing some research of their own. For sucks sake, how difficult is it to type in property rental scams into Google and you will see exactly how the scammers rob people and what to watch out for.

It truly amazes me how many people get scammed online on a regular basis. I guess some people are too busy with Twitter, Facebook, Blogging or feeding their internet porn addictions to bother with spending a few minutes finding out what’s going on in the real world.

All the property rental scammers use a similar method. They try to lure people in with a cheaply advertised property, which is too good a bargain to pass up. This of course gets lots of interest, they will then email you some details about the property and by now you are thinking you have finally found the mythical cheap to rent property in London. You are loving it, you are getting excited, you have a good feeling about it. Then when most people get the next email, they realise that is an obvious scam. The dreaded words Western Union or Moneygram are mentioned. It is time to hit the delete button.

To make things easier for those of you that are going a bit stupid or blind from too much internet porn. I have printed a couple of actual emails that are used by the property rental scammers. You will notice the bad English, which is a trait of the scammers.


From: Eastern European Or Nigerian Property Scammer

Sent: Every Day of The Week

Subject: Rental of Studio / Sucker Born Every Minute Of The Day


My name is Jill Walters,I worked in UK but now I moved back in Greece to my familly.The property has a fully furnished kitchen,clean and well tidy


rooms,laundry room,and fully furnished with home utilities like:-electric

shower, Lounge,Vacuum Cleaner,Toaster, Oven andmicrowave, dryer, iron, washing

maching ascooker , refridgetor , dishwahser, powershower, heater, cable ready,

tv set and dvd player,internet conection, equiped kitchen and so on.

The monthly rental is £500 (including bill,taxes,tv liecence,gas).You can rent

the flat as long as you need to stay even for 2 or 3 years.After you will see

the flat, the first payment will be for 2 months(£1000).

I await your mail to know is you ar satisfy with the details of my flat give to

you as well to know and arrrange for the viewing of the flat and arrange for the

neccesary thing that is aslo needed.

Thank you!

Jill the Scammer


From: Eastern European Or Nigerian Property Scammer

Sent: Every Day of The Week

Subject: Rental of Studio / Sucker Born Every Minute Of The Day

I do not want you to have the feeling that i am asking for money BEFORE you see what you are renting because i know that payment is meant to be done AFTER you have seen the Flat and okay with it.-The reason why your friend have to be receiver is basically to give you the confidence that your money is still within you and to make sure that your money is still safe since your friend is the receiver and not anyone else which him will collect with his valid ID,maybe with a passport or drivers license.

So in order for me to also be on a good side,you can go ahead and make the transfer since you have the money ready,let me know immediately when you do the transfer so that i can know how to squeeze out time to come and meet you.But i will have to really on your honesty and truth that you have actually make the transaction before i leave here to come down to London to meet you.What evidence will you give me so that I can be sure that you have made the payment? I was made to understand that you can Send me the (Scanned copy of the trasaction Receipt)to confirm me on the phone if its there before making my way.

I was also made to understand that Money Gram takes some charges for the transfer and i am telling you that i will return back to you the full transfer charges whether you decide to rent the flat or not when we meet,ok?After doing the transfer,then i will have to leave here and be with you if we can agree on a perfect time to meet up for viewing.

Please,understand that i am NOT asking you to pay me BEFORE you view the flat as payment is done AFTER viewing and Signing of contracts.

I only want to be sure that i am not going to waste my time and i think that with this condition,both of us can be sure we are not wasting our times.Let me know if you are okay with this so that we can proceed.

Thanks so much while i will be waiting to read from you and i am looking forward to meet you and be great friends eventually.

PS:I am sorry for the lengthy mail.I only want to explain myself better

Jill the Scammer


I personally hate the misery that the property scammer causes people and will continue to publicise the matter on a regular basis. Common senses costs nothing.  I have said it countless times, that if anybody ever mentions Western Union, or even Moneygram, just delete it. It is a guaranteed scam and the work of some professional scammers that are hoping to make you their next victim.


  1. I hate the phishing emails these people seem to get more determined by the day I recieve 2 or 3 on a daily basis and submit them to phishtrackers a web site I recently found that allows you to report them anonymously.

  2. Thank you, thank you!!
    I found an apartment that sounded too good to be true, but the prospective landlord kept going on and on about Moneygram, and transferring money to my partner. This raised suspicion and led me to search the internet and found this site. The emails i received are nearly word for word as above.

    Non scammed surfer!!

  3. Andy I’m glad you are one of the non scammed. There is an unbelievable amount of people getting scammed out there every single week in London….