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Priceless London: An Evening of Design at the V&A Museum

Priceless London: An Evening of Design at the V&A Museum

Very occasionally, your host, me, yours truly, the Scotsman blogging his way around London, William K Wallace manages to give his many loyal readers the heads up regarding must go to events, and if they are free that is even better in my book! MasterCard Priceless London have another one of their “Museum Lates” events, British Design 1948-2012, taking place at the Victoria & Albert Museum on Wednesday, 18 July.

MasterCard’s Priceless London evenings, which give MasterCard holders exclusive experiences at some of the capital’s best attractions, including theatre, dining, museums and music. If you want to be part of what is going to be a really enjoyable evening you firstly have to be registered with PricelessLondon.co.uk and then wait for the tickets to be made available. A little bit of effort is required if you want to grab yourself a ticket, but the chance to enjoy a priceless and free evening such as this, makes the effort more than worth it.

As a VIP guest of MasterCard you will have the chance to experience this fantastic event in a small and exclusive group. From 7pm guests will be welcomed with drinks and canapés before being taken through the exhibition in one of Britain’s best loved museums. Having personally been to a couple of Priceless London events I can testify as to how enjoyable an experience it will be.

British Design 1948-2012 at the V&A celebrates the best of British design. Featuring the pinnacle of post-war British design excellence from the 1948 ‘austerity games’ to the summer of 2012, the exhibition reveals how British designers have responded to economic, political and cultural forces that have fundamentally shaped how we live today. With an exclusive curator talk and inspiring entertainment, this is an amazing opportunity to view one of the major exhibitions of 2012.

For more information visit Priceless London Museum Lates, and remember “be prepared”  if you want to be at the V&A on Wednesday.


  1. I’m too far away to visit this, but I sure would love to be there.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. William, you have such a mundane lifestyle…I wish mine was as mundane as yours:-)

    PLU from SSF

  3. Comedy, it was great event to be at.

    Don, yes indeed…