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Orkney Dark Island the Quest Continues

Orkney Dark Island the Quest Continues

The good… I have sampled loads of good beer. The bad… I have drank quite a few bad beers. The undrinkable… I have tasted a few beers that were undrinkable. The great… I have only ever had the pleasure drinking a small selection of beers that I would say are truly great beers, which I can’t wait to enjoy again. Orkney Dark Island ale is one of those that I can’t wait to drink again. It is a stunner of a beer, it is fucking awesome.

I sampled Dark Island beer for the first time less than two weeks ago during a trip to Edinburgh. A new obsession was born.

Last Sunday I was at home alone. It was cold, rainy and dark evening. The last thing I was planning on doing was going on the road. But… but suddenly I had a compelling reason to leave my nice warm home. Chris the Barman posted a tweet which grabbed my attention, Dark Island was on tap at the Spaniards Inn. Two bus journeys, twenty five minutes later and I was standing at the bar with a pint of fine Scottish ale in my hand.






Dark Island beer and the Spaniards Inn are a perfect match. Great ale and a fantastic characterful pub, a perfect place to enjoy a few pints. The fragrant smell coming from the logs which were slowly burning on the fire and the delightful roasted malty, dark chocolate and coffee flavours from the ale had me feeling on top of the world.

Three pints later I was back on the bus heading home, glad that twitter had finally enhanced my life… Dark Island ale from Orkney and the Spaniards Inn were just what my body, soul and mind needed on a miserable Sunday evening…